The Powerful Woman Within

One focus of my coaching process is guiding women to discover the strength they have always carried within themselves but have not always been able to access. I know what a difference this journey has made in my own life, and it’s a joy to walk this path with other women who seek to be happy, healthy, and free from the weight of the past. I wrote this poem as a reflection (no pun intended) and an interpretation of that process.

The powerful woman within.
Who is she?
Is she me?

Oh how I wish I knew her
as I ponder
looking at myself in the mirror

Could it be possible that she lives inside of me?
For all the world to see?

But that could never be
a reality for me
for I am too fearful, timid and shy

As I felt a tear drip down from the corner of my eye

Finally finding the courage
to take another glance
at the reflection in front of me
I saw the reflection of
another woman
a powerful, confident, self-assured woman

Who could this be?

After taking a deep long breath…

My curiosity got the better part of me
I asked the woman in the mirror
staring back at me

Who might you be?

I am the woman, the powerful
confident, self-assured woman
who lives inside of you
for all the world to see,
the kind of a woman
that you truly always wanted to be

~ Karen Burkhart