Women’s Empowerment Life Coach

My life’s passion and purpose is to be of service to women who want to become empowered to alter the course of their lives. I am a speaker, aspiring author, teacher and a certified life coach. I offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching that promote personal and professional growth through the study and practical implementation of proven methods.

Why Work with a Women’s Empowerment Life Coach?

My passion and life's work is helping women heal and transform from a place of quiet desperation to a place of hope and empowerment, where they can embrace their authentic selves and be the women they are meant to be. As a Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, I guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back. Once we identify these barriers together, I arm my clients with techniques to begin their own unique healing process and to begin achieving what they most want in life.

No Risk, High Reward

If you are wondering whether or not a Women’s Empowerment Life Coach is right for you, there’s an easy way to find out. Schedule a complimentary Getting Started Session today and you’ll have an opportunity to try it out for free with no obligation or pressure to pursue more coaching unless it’s what you want.


Kathleen Panning

Pastor & Certified Coach

Karen has the strength, insight and skills to help many other women shed what has been holding them back -- so they can shine as the beautiful women they were created to be.

Charlie Birch

Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Karen has a big heart and a wealth of knowledge made up of both personal and professional experience. She is only guilty of over-delivering. I highly recommend her work!