The Metamorphosis

I have always loved butterflies and I wrote this poem to remind myself not only where I have been, but how far I have come … and where I’m going from here.

The Metamorphosis

Once I was a lowly caterpillar
Longing to be free.
Struggling to rid the ties that bind …
Stifle and limited me

Break free lowly caterpillar
Burst forth from your confines.
Become a beautiful butterfly
and escape the home that binds.

Never forget the harsh lessons learned
or the terrible price you paid
when you were still young and afraid.

It’s time to stretch and spread your wings
Fly away gentle one
Higher than you’ve ever flown.
Reach the highest mountain top
You’ve done it on your own.

Feel the warmth of the nurturing sun
and the temperate lift of air.
There are no ties at last
fly … fly … as high as you might dare!

~ Karen Burkhart